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French Customs and Excise

For travellers from within the European Community there is no limit to your purchases - providing they are for personal use - except for cigarettes (Allowance 800) and alcohol (Allowance on spirits 10 litres, wines 90 litres and beer 110 litres). new vehicles and mail-order purchases.

Travellers from outside the EC must declare transported goods valued at more than €175 and should pay duty or tax on the goods. Certain goods including drugs, counterfeit goods, weapons, plants, ivory are forbidden or subject to strict control.

Everyone, entering or leaving France with sums of money higher than €7600 must declare the amount to customs.

If in doubt, please contact the French Consulate (customs (douane) department) Tel.: 020 1073 1200


Tobacco, alcohol and drugs

Smoking is prohibited in public places (museums, monuments, cinemas...) or on public transport.

Restaurants are divided into smoking and non-smoking areas. smoking is usually outside

Driving with a level of alcohol in the blood equal to or higher than 0.5g per litre of blood is prohibited.

The police and gendarmerie can test for alcohol levels in a driver's blood at any time.

It is prohibited to travel (even on foot) under the influence of alcohol along a public highway.

Anyone who allows a minor to drink until they are in a state of drunkenness is committing a crime.

It is prohibited to sell or offer alcoholic drinks to minors aged under 16 years old (in drinks outlets, shops and public places).

It is prohibited to introduce alcoholic drinks into establishments for physical and sporting activities.

The use of drugs and bringing them into France is strictly forbidden, including "soft" drugs.